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Seasonal Affective Disorder

By: Dr. Saba Maroof, MD As the weather becomes more chilly, pumpkin spice lattes make their return and colorful mums and fall d├ęcor come out, many of us welcome the beginning of fall. The air becomes brisk, kids enjoy soccer games and tournaments, and sweater weather is finally here. But not everyone finds joy in the transition to shorter days and longer nights. As a psychiatrist who treats children, adolescents and adults, many of my patients describe worsening mood and increased anxiety as the summer draws to an end. For some, changes in mood can be detected as early as August, as they anticipate the long winter ahead. While not all mood changes are pathological, some are severe enough and meet criteria to be considered Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. SAD is a form of a mood disorder and cluster of mood symptoms that can be seen as part of depression and anxiety, as well as bipolar disorder.

What we need to know about Diabetes

By: Zoha Rehman There are 2 forms of diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Type Diabetes 2. The way our body normally is that it breaks the food we intake into sugar. This sugar is known as glucose. Glucose helps the cells in our body function properly...

Red Alert: Hypertension

By: Zoha Rehman High blood pressure is something we may all of heard off. But what that exactly mean? In a nutshell, increase in blood flow to the heart, the narrower the arteries thus increase in blood pressure. Hypertension has serious...

Effects of Stress & How to Relieve It

By: Anisa Musleh There are many things that can lead to stress. Sometimes these problems can persist for long periods of time where it can develop into chronic stress. It’s normal to feel this way once in a while however this can have many...