HUDA Clinic Job Openings


With the ongoing need for low cost or free healthcare, HUDA Clinic has played a pivotal role for years to help the underserved community of Detroit.  For years, HUDA has offered FREE medical, dental, psychiatry, podiatry, pharmacy, and ophthalmology services!

HUDA is excited to offer jobs below, offering an opportunity to work at a unique non-profit in the heart of Detroit.  The position offers a platform to work with our current staff and volunteers to expand on our mission, and mirror the needs of the community! If you are a visionary & have the skills and experience that will enable you to make a huge impact on our thousands of patients, don't miss this opportunity!

Executive Director Job Opening


The HUDA Clinic is a nonprofit organization providing free Primary Care, Dental, Mental Health Services, Podiatry, and Ophthalmology for those who are uninsured and underinsured. HUDA Clinic is a facility that offers free medical services to the public, which means no copays or fees. We provide preventative screenings and referrals to specialists as needed.

We believe there is no more exciting opportunity in the public health community than that of HUDA Clinic Executive Director. As healthcare changes and Detroit makes a comeback, the narrative will shift from one of hope to one of achievement. We believe our Executive Director will be the key driver of our small but significant place in this continuum leading to achievement and impact in the health of our community.

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